Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dunfermline Carnagie Library

Our tour guide for this excursion was Stephanie Anderson. The Library in Dunfermline was the 1st Carnagie library in the world. Their collections include a Local Family and History Library which deals with genealogy, ordinance maps from 1856, a catalog of books and newspapers from 1859 and local counsel minutes from from 1893 onward. Patrons can search by author and subject, as well as review newspapers on microfilm from the 1830's onward. Data on the subject index is saved in both digital and hard copy versions. In addition, they are the only public library in the world to have a climate control room for rare materials. The main library is split between fiction and non-fiction, their classification system is Dewey and they own listed bookshelves from the 1920's.

The special collections room is dedicated to poet Robert Burns and the three main donators of the collection, Ersikine Beverage, George Reed and Rev. Robert Henryson. The public can access this collection, but only with supervision from a librarian. The collection includes Burns' poetry from all over the world in a variety of languages, as well as a great deal of realia, including a half-size statue of Burns made by Amelia Peyton.

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